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hi, I'm Emily!


I help leaders design teams and systems that enable seamless, collaborative, and effective work.

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from Vermont and back again


I grew up in a pretty, little town right on Lake Champlain. After living in New York, the UK, and North Carolina, I made my way back to the Green Mountain State with sights seen and lessons learned. My own Hero's Journey.

dream teams


I've worked in animal nutrition, manufacturing, and apparel industries, for small, family-owned businesses and global brands. All required teams of people, well-designed systems, and strong communication.

ready to level up your team?

2014 World Equestrian Games (work trip!)

more about me


I adopted a floofy yellow dog named Leo during the pandemic.

Leo (Akita x Chow Chow).
In my top 5 fav places: Lower Antelope Canyon.
My best party trick.
Rhapsody In Blue (where the biz got its name).
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