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all of my favorite tools that I use to run my business (and life!)

Heads up: this page includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend things I have personally used and love.

Full Focus Planner


The planner system that's finally stuck, after lots of failed attempts with others. Since using it, Sunday Scaries are gone and priorities are clearer than ever.

the big 3



Centralized work, task management, and "extra delight"are just a few benefits of my favorite project management software.



This biotech ring has been a game-changer for improving sleep quality, rest, and energy. Knowing when to prioritize recovery helps me show up better at work and in life.

Rothy's Tote


A cute, functional work bag that fits my laptop, planner, and lunch. Plus, it's made with ocean-bound marine plastic.

work life

Uplift Desk


Sit or stand with the touch of a button with this super sturdy desk. Combine function with form and go for the really pretty Acacia Chevron top.

Sharpie Pens


They don't bleed through, which is key for use with the Full Focus Planner, and there are lots of color options. Need a finer tip? These pens are IT and come in so many colors.

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