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It seems like most of us are working at home right now, for who knows how long. These things are helping me keep the balance, find some joy between the chaos and adjust to this new (temporary) normal.

  1. This font with subtle serif detail - it feels both structured and casual.

  2. I just started watching Mad Men on Netflix and I'm hooked. It's a nice little break from true crime podcasts and the current news headlines.

  3. I livened up my mantle with a lineup of mini plants from Sam Mazza's Farm Market. Pink and white Christmas cacti (Schlumbergera) brought spring a little early, and the Crispy Wave Fern (Asplenium) is a natural air purifier - especially handy now that I'm working from home full-time.

  4. My iPhone case was getting a little beat up, so it was time for a new one.

  5. I switched planners in 2020 because I needed to find something that gave me better visibility into my week. The cover finish feels luxe, the paper is a great weight, but best of all it's fully customizable. That's right. Put in the pages you want and leave out the ones you don't. So. Many. Options. Design your own here.

  6. Chapter 1 of this book completely changed my email game. It's no longer taking over my morning/day/week/life.

  7. Speaking of books, I moved and reorganized a bookshelf in my living room this week. It's weird that a such a simple task can feel like such an accomplishment, but finding moments like that right now feel important. These little brass pots add a little glam to the shelves and are super affordable.

  8. #65bcf1 - the color of the sky today, reminding me that spring in Vermont is on it's way.


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