101 in 1001

This is the second 101 in 1001 list I've made, and to be honest I did a terrible job of tracking my progress the first time around back in 2013. I'm giving myself another shot, with a brand new list of 101 things to accomplish within the next 1001 days (about 2.75 years). If you feel inspired to create a list of your own, let me know so I can link your list here (and check off #101!)

start date: Jan. 1, 2019

end date: Sept. 28, 2021

personal development

1. record weekly gratitude for a year

☑ 2. graduate with my MBA (May 2019!)

3. completely unplug for an entire day, 1x/month

4. find and volunteer for another charity organization that I’m passionate about

5. volunteer at an animal sanctuary (and hug an elephant)

6. donate blood

7. vote in 2020 election

8. get lasik eye surgery

9. read at least 50 books


☑ 10. organize my dropbox accounts (January 2019)

11. organize digital design files

12. blog once per month

13. attend a local NAMA chapter meet up

14. attend a national marketing conference

15. attend leadership.camp

☑ 16. earn a promotion (March 2019)

☑ 17. travel internationally for work (June 2019, Munich!)

18. complete Google Analytics certification

☑ 19. complete Asana certification (December 2019)

20. double annual side hustle income

21. order new business cards

22. create a new product/service

23. connect with a mentor

24. be a mentor

25. be an adjunct professor

26. design 20 websites

27. design 20 logos for brands

28. have professional headshots taken

29. host a workshop

30. brand photoshoot for rhapsody

31. create a downloadable library of planning tools for rhapsody

family & friends

32. mail care packages to out of state friends

33. visit nieces and nephews at school

34. host/attend a game night once per month

35. host a backyard summer cookout

36. send 50 handwritten notes

☑ 37. go to the driving range with dad

38. grow a cut flowers garden with mom

39. visit gram "just because"

40. host a holiday meal

41. become a dog owner (April 2020)


42. drink 2 liters of water/day for 30 days

43. establish a yoga home practice routine

44. go 2 weeks without using my phone 2 hours before bed

45. go to bed by 10:30 pm every night for 2 consecutive weeks (May 2020)

46. hike in 3 different states

47. no added sugar for 30 days

48. do 5 consecutive pull-ups

49. run a half marathon

50. run a sub 8 minute mile

51. make every meal for 2 consecutive weeks


52. pay off grad school loan

53. close a credit card (January 2019)

54. better understand my investments

55. buy a car

56. double savings account balance

57. close unneeded subscriptions


☑ 58. add a master bathroom upstairs (Sept. 2019, all thanks to Lewis Creek Company)

☑ 59. get a dishwasher (this portable dishwasher gave me life!)

60. renovate kitchen

61. renovate downstairs bathroom

62. redo side door walkway

63. convert part of basement to a home gym

64. rearrange and add seating in living room

☑ 65. install antique glass door in bedroom

66. fence in backyard

67. plant a vegetable garden

68. plant a herb garden

69. build something for my house (March 2020)

70. build a gardening station in the garage

71. ruthlessly clean out my closet

72. hang artwork

73. frame and hang/display photos

74. buy a new piece of art

75. setup a craft/painting area


76. visit a new country each year

77. visit a new continent

78. visit the west coast

79. travel to 10 places I’ve never been before

80. drive cross country

81. hike in 3 different states

82. snowboard out west

83. CA wine tour

84. see the northern lights

85. go to a Packers game in Green Bay

86. visit a beach with pink sand

just for fun

87. leave a 100% tip for great service

88. pay for the next customer 5 times

89. take a photography class

90. take a painting class

91. take a hand lettering class

92. throw a surprise party

93. (finally) learn how to ice skate

94. bike ride on the causeway with dad

95. play laser tag

96. attend a murder mystery party

97. take a dance class

98. go to a concert, live show or music festival

99. watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain

100. spend the night in a tree house

101. inspire someone else to make a list of their own




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