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Kicking off a little series to talk about the things I'm loving: home stuff, design stuff, random stuff. Here we go!

  1. This serif font that feels basic enough to work for lots of uses, but with a little feminine flair. Using it in a couple current design projects and it's perfect.

  2. The rug for my living room finally showed up after over a month of waiting, and it's everything I hoped it would be. Soft enough for floor sitting but still low pile to hold up against traffic. I got it in Iron.

  3. Last week I was gifted my first real kitchen knife. I say real because it's both the most serious and most beautiful knife I've ever seen. Snagged it at Kiss the Cook in Burlington. #shoplocal

  4. I was on the hunt for some mantle decorations and picked out this candle holder set. They've got an expensive, timeless look at a great price.

  5. I was recently introduced to a cast iron skillet. I know, I'm late to the party (I went with the 12"). The first thing I made are these ridiculously delicious and easy brussels sprouts.

  6. Asana. I've used it briefly in the past but have introduced it both at my full-time job and for clients. It takes team collaboration and project organization to the next level. Favorite way to use it right now is for a sweet little social content post planner. Game changer.

  7. Board games. There's something about shorter days and snow storms that make me just want to stay inside and play games every weekend. If you like Yahtzee, you'll love Sagrada.

  8. #d4138a - it's rhapsody pink. enough said. 😍


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